Grilling Ideas for Super Bowl

For grill-masters everywhere, few days are more important than Super Bowl Sunday. The chance to hang out with friends, show off barbecue favorites, and impress with skills behind the grill - and watch a great game, of course! - is a once-a-year treat. 

If you're planning to host friends or family this year for the big game, the perfect recipes are a must-have. These classic dishes are the perfect balance between simple and delicious, giving you the power to impress, no matter which team wins. 

Super Bowl Wings

What Super Bowl party is complete without barbecue chicken wings? A classic at sporting event tailgates and celebrations of all kinds, guests will be looking forward to BBQ wings during the big game. Luckily, wings are easy to grill and don't take very long, making the right recipe all you need for a perfect holiday meal. Consider experimenting with things like dry brine, rubs and sauces to give guests variety. Wings can also come in boned and boneless varieties, giving you plenty of options for pre-party preparations that will satisfy every palate. 

Wings for Super Bowl

Grilled or Smoked Pork Ribs

There's no way around it: cooking up pork ribs for Super Bowl parties is the perfect way to please. Messy, meaty, and oh-so easy, a heaping plate of grilled or smoked pork ribs slathered with sauce will show how serious you are about cooking for the big game.

Cooking ribs on the grill isn't a challenging task, provided you give yourself enough time. Slow-cooked ribs can take hours to get just right, so make sure you're ready to invest most of the day in letting the meat get tender and juicy over a relatively low temperature. Five to seven hours will be adequate for most full racks, but if you plan to feed a crowd, you may want to get started first thing in the morning. 

ribs for Super Bowl

Super Bowl Burgers

Burgers are a fan favorite on game day. Easy to make, delicious, and customizable to any palate with the right array of toppings, burgers are a great way to feed friends and family members on Super Bowl Sunday. After seasoning ground beef and dividing a mixture into patties, grilling a burger - and the buns - takes a matter of minutes. If you're looking to elevate your game this year, a bacon cheeseburger on a plancha grill may be an ideal way to satisfy guests. With this recipe showcasing a creative blend of meats, a mouthwatering remoulade, and ultra-thick bacon, you can serve up the burger to beat. 

Super Bowl Burger Recipe

The Best Pizza for Super Bowl Sunday

Think you have to order pizza for the big game? Think again. Grilling pizza can be a great twist on conventional preparation while simultaneously delivering a smoky, hearty flavor guests will love. Better yet, you can customize your options in a way that satisfies every palate. A wood-fired pizza is a tasty twist on a classic football favorite. 

Making the dough the night before can save time on game day, allowing enough time to get a pizza over the fire in time for kick-off. Stick with the classics, like tomato sauce, cheese, and basil, or add extras like sausage, pepperoni, or peppers based on what your guests prefer. 

grilled pizza for Super Bowl

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

For slow-roasted pork fans, a Super Bowl pulled pork recipe can be a game day game-changer. A great choice for meat lovers as well as those who want to put grilling skills to the test, pulled pork requires little more than pork butt, a great marinade, and plenty of time for meat to slowly tenderize over low heat. 

After a few hours over the fire, pork should be tender enough to easily pull apart with a pair of the Marvelous Meat Claws and tossed in your favorite barbecue sauce. You can even toast the buns on the grill too, before serving with crowd-pleasers like coleslaw or pickles. 

Pulled pork recipe

Smoked Queso Dip 

Not every Super Bowl food needs to be a filling main course. Something as simple as chips and smoked queso dip can keep guests full and focused on the football. One of the best appetizers for Super Bowl Sunday, smoked queso dip gives you the chance to put your grill to good use while serving up a unique take on tired chips and salsa. 

In a metal tray, prep your preferred toppings, like an array of melting cheeses, tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, and a meat of your choice, cook for an hour or two over low heat, and stir to combine. Serve with chips, and watch your guests dig in. 

 smoked queso dip for Super Bowl


With the right grill, there's no going wrong while celebrating the Super Bowl. From fan favorites like burgers and wings to quick and tasty appetizers, you can put your own spin on the big game without resorting to frozen, store-bought snacks.


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