About Us

SnS Grills (previously Adrenaline Barbecue Company) was founded in 2014 while the Slow ‘N Sear was in development.  From the start, our focus has been on helping our customers make better backyard barbecue. We do that by creating high quality products that we’re proud to put our name on and being a resource to our customers for everything related to charcoal barbecue and grilling.

How did I get here?  Born and raised in central Alabama, I completed a degree in Physics at Auburn University before joining the Air Force to “see the world”.  My first assignment – Montgomery, Alabama!  Over my 9-year Air Force career I did see more of the world while having the honor of serving my country.  I was lucky enough to be stationed in two BBQ meccas – North Carolina (where pork is king!) and Texas where I gained a life-long appreciation for how brisket should be smoked!  After separating from the service, I joined the corporate world as an IT auditor (I’ve always liked computers).

David Parrish | President of SnS Grills

About 10 years ago, I came across a website many of you may know, AmazingRibs.com.  At over 1,000 pages there was plenty to learn and absorb about the science of grilling and smoking and I soaked it up like a sponge!  I became active on their discussion boards and was asked to be a moderator.  A few years and many more grills later, I had the lead role in launching “The Pit”, a members-only forum in the Pitmaster Club at Amazing Ribs.

The rest is history. Through my interaction with barbecue enthusiasts at Amazing Ribs, I realized there was an opportunity to create a ‘better mousetrap’ and design a device that could take a simple kettle grill and turn it into a quality smoker.  Thus the Slow ‘N Sear was born, and ABC took off!  Fast forward a few years later and we’re growing by leaps and bounds. What I appreciate most about running ABC and SnS Grills and having happy customers such as you is that I finally found what I want to be when I grow up!  What’s not to like about inventing products, interacting with our customers over the phone or through social media, answering questions, congratulating fantastic cooks and celebrating good food with great people worldwide?!  Keep in touch!

Charitable Contributions


SnS Grills believes in giving back when we can, especially with the generous help of our customers. 

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