Slow ’N Sear® Kettle Smoked Brisket

Want to learn how to SMOKE BRISKET in the Slow ’N Sear® Kettle? In this guest video, Ricky shows you step by step!

Smoking brisket can be quite intimidating, but follow these tips, tricks and techniques and you'll be impressing your guests! This is smoked brisket made easy for beginners!

Just a couple of things I didn't mention in the video (there's so much to smoking brisket, I always forget something!). Brisket can feel ready and be probing nicely anywhere from 195°F internal all the way up to 215°F. I took mine out when it was reading 204°, but I've had briskets taken out at 195°. It just depends on the brisket. Hope you guys find this video useful!

Thanks for all the SUPPORT!

Video Table of Contents:
00:00​ - Intro
02:06​ - Trim talk
06:46 - Binder Talk
07:39​ - Adding Rub
09:10​ - What to do with the trimmings
10:07​ - Explaining Fuel
11:49 - Vent Settings
12:50​ - First check on the brisket
15:20 - Wrapping Brisket (Beef Tallow)
17:50 - Unwrapping Brisket

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