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Want to learn how to reverse sear some ribeye caps in the Slow ’N Sear® Kettle? In this guest video, Craig from Beers-Jack of BBQ shows you how as well as gives a one year review of his Slow ’N Sear® Kettle.

• Hard to believe it is already 1 year since we got the Slow ‘N Sear® Kettle!
• We really put this grill through the paces and purchased the Plancha along the way.
• We cooked one of everything on this grill, so we have a good 1 year review.
• From previous videos, you probably know we are now affiliating with SnS. Just so everyone understands, we did not sign up to be an affiliate until we used the grill for about 5 cooks because we wanted to make sure all was good.

• My opinion after one year is I am so glad I have this kettle. I had no issue with my previous kettle, but once I got to use this kettle with the improvements they made, it has been easier to grill!

• I always struggled with the ash bucket on my previous kettle, SnS fixed that with the easy turn ash bucket!
• I never liked pinching my temp probe wires between the lid and base on my previous kettle, SnS fixed that with the probe hole!
• I never knew I needed a smoke hole on my previous kettle! SnS fixed that and this is my favorite feature! Main bottom vent closed, ¾ open on the smoke hole and ¾ open on the lid vent this grill rocks 250 all day long!

• If you are in the market, this is a must have grill!

Pinwheel Ribeye Caps:
• Started with the entire choice ribeye.
• Broke it down into 3 different parts, this cap for pinwheel steaks, the remainder for cheesesteaks and the eye/filet section for the jerky.
• Rolled the cap into pinwheels, tied off with butchers’ twine and cut into steaks.
• Seasoned the steaks 4 hours in advance with Pit Patriot’s All-Purpose Seasoning. Right before the cook, rolled the outside ring of the steak in Pit Patriot’s Hickory BBQ Grilling Rub.
• Set up the SnS Kettle with the Slow ‘N Sear® and had it running around 275.
• Started the steaks on the indirect side to start bringing them up to temp.
• Once they hit around 80 degrees, we flipped them for even cooking.
• Once they got around 110 degrees, we pulled them off to let the grill get super-hot.
• Seared them 1 minute per side 2 times and pulled them off to rest!

Summary: These pinwheels were outstanding! My personal opinion is this is a nice cost savings doing your own breakdown of a whole ribeye. The Pit Patriot’s All-Purpose Seasoning is my favorite for steaks, super balanced for a great flavor addition.

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