Beef Back Ribs Recipe


When it comes to BBQ nothing says it better than a rack of Beef Back Ribs cooked low and slow! Beef back ribs are the meat remaining after the butcher removes the ribeye roast off the bones. They certainly are packed with a beefy punch of juicy and delicious flavor. In this Beef Back Rib recipe, Ricer from Dead Broke BBQ will show you how to crush this cook every time you are in the mood for some pure BBQ deliciousness using the Slow N’ Sear® Kettle. Take a look.


Beef Back Ribs Recipe | SnS Grills


To prepare your Beef Back Ribs for smoking, for the best results, you want to start a couple hours earlier before you are ready to start cooking. To start, you will want to look over your Beef Back Ribs and trim off any unwanted large chunks of exterior fat but do not cut much because you want that fat to help keep these ribs nice and juicy. On Beef Back Ribs, you want to remove the membrane. The membrane on beef is thick and very tough to chew through. Just use a butterknife and in the middle of the rack, along a bone, carefully separate the membrane. Be careful not to score the meat to help prevent the bones from breaking loose during the cooking process. Plus always check for small bone fragments that might be on the edges of the ribs from cutting them during the processing at the meat packaging plant.

Once you have the ribs prepped, it is recommended to dry brine them 2 hours before cooking so the seasoning flavors have time to penetrate the ribs. To do this, apply a little coat of Worcestershire sauce to the backside of the ribs. This gives you a base layer for your rub to stick. Take Meathead’s Amazing Smoked Red Meat Seasoning & Dry Brine and add a generous layer to the back and the edges of your Beef Back Ribs and pad the seasoning to help it adhere. Now flip it over and repeat on the topside. Once your ribs are all seasoned put them back in the fridge for 2 hours.

After 2 hours take your ribs out of the fridge and let them hang out for a few minutes while you set up the Slow N Sear® Kettle.  Click here to see how to set it up for low and slow cooking.


With our grill temperature locked in around 250ºF, place the beef back ribs onto the grill opposite the coals with the smaller edge towards the Slow 'N Sear® basket and set a timer for 1 hour. Once your ribs show a little pull back of the meat and you start seeing the bones start to pop out rotate the ribs 180° to help even out the cooking process. If your ribs are looking a little dry and your rub is set and you can’t scratch it off you can spritz them with some plain warm water or use the spritz combination of your choice. Typically plan for 3.5 to 5.5 hours for this cook.

Beef Back Ribs Recipe | SnS Grills

Beef Back Ribs Recipe | SnS Grills

At the 3 hour mark start to check for doneness. Look for an inch or so of pull back and if there is no resistance on the probe they are done.


Beef Back Ribs Recipe | SnS Grills