Steak And Eggs for Breakfast on the Grill

Breakfast doesn't have to be boring, so put away that bowl of oatmeal and head on down to the store and pick up a steak because in this recipe we’re making the king of all breakfasts.... STEAK AND EGGS ON THE GRILL!! For this recipe we will be used the SNS Grills Kettle Grill along with the 22" Cast Iron Drip 'N Griddle! This recipe doesn’t take a lot of time and will be the perfect addition for your upcoming Sunday brunch.

- 1 Ribeye steak (or steak of your choice)
- Petite Potatoes cut in half
- 1/3 cup butter
- 2 eggs
- Chopped Green Onions
- BBQ Rub for seasoning
- Optional spicy aioli to drizzle over the potatoes

This recipe does cook pretty quickly which means it’s recommended to have everything all prepped before starting the cooking process. This means cutting your petite potatoes in half, chopping your green onions, and seasoning your steak with your favorite BBQ Rub. To season the ribeye, we used MEATHEADS Red Meat Rub.

With your food all prepared you’ll now want to get your grill set up for cooking. To do this, we removed the water reservoir and then fill up the basket about 1/3 of the way full. Once the coals are mostly lit, place the Cast Iron Drip ’N Griddle over the coals to start warming up as this is going to be what we will use to cook both our potatoes and our eggs for this cook.

Once the Cast Iron Drip ’N Griddle is heated up, place on your butter to melt along with your potatoes. I always recommend placing the potatoes cut side down on the cast iron so that it starts to develop a bit of a crust on the potatoes. Continue to move the potatoes around until cooked. When the potatoes are mostly cooked add in some green onions and some BBQ Rub (or salt and pepper) to add a burst of flavor.

When the Potatoes are finished, the coals will now be roaring hot and the perfect time to sear your steak. To do this, spin the Easy Spin Grate around and start the searing process. For this cook we going to sear the steak for 45-60 seconds per side until we have developed a great sear on the steak.. When you’re happy with your sear remove the steak from the coals and place it beside the potatoes to let the steak finish coming up to your desired temperature. We brought ours up to 133F for a medium rare.

With both the steak and potatoes finished, crack your eggs directly onto the Cast Iron Drip ’N Griddle pan along with a little bit of seasoning. It’s recommended to cook your eggs sunny side up so that the yoke remains as creaming as possible so that it runs all over the steak and potatoes.

Once everything is done, plate it up with a little bit of green onion on top and then enjoy this breakfast of champions!

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