New York Strip Steak Recipe

How To Grill New York Strip Steak

A perfectly cooked steak is something that everyone strives to achieve at some point in their life. What if you could make perfect steaks every time using a simple method that will have people lining up just to have a slice. In this perfect grilled NY strip steak recipe, Jabin from Postal Barbecue shows you how to use the Slow 'N Sear® Kettle Grill and EasySpin Grate to make perfect steaks every time!


  • 2 NY Strip Steaks (ideally 2’’ thick)
  • Kosher Salt
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Fresh Cracked Black Pepper


    To start off with you want to choose the NY strip steak.  What you want to look for is that the steaks you choose are not only similar in size and shape but are between 1.5-2 inches in thickness.  This will help you achieve a better finished result and even give a little bit of a buffer in case you overshoot your final temperatures.  The next thing you want to look for is that it has nice marbling throughout the steak.  This marbling will essentially begin to melt as it cooks, releasing a ton of rich flavor. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on that goodness.

    Once you have found your perfect looking NY strip steaks, it’s time to prepare them for cooking.  This ideally starts the night before by dry brining them with kosher salt.  To do this, apply your kosher salt to the outside of the steak - if you have never done this before, the rule of thumb is to use 1/2tsp of kosher salt per pound then adjust up or down depending on your preferred taste.  With your steaks salted, place them into the fridge uncovered overnight to allow the salt to absorb into the steaks as well as tack up the surface of the steaks which will ultimately help during the final sear.


    With your NY strips dry brined overnight, set up your grill for cooking between 225°F-250°F. To do this place 23-25 fully lit briquettes into the Slow ’N Sear basket with the top vet open about 1/3 open, the bottom vent closed, and the smoke hole open about half way (adjust as needed).

    With your grill set up, place the NY Strips onto the grill opposite the coals, place in your remote thermometer and then close the lid to begin slowly cooking.  Once your steaks have reached around 80°F internal temperature, open up the grill and flip the steaks to help promote even cooking then close the lid and continue to cook the steaks until you have reached an internal temp of 115°

    As you are waiting for your steaks to come up to 115°F, begin to get a full chimney of briquettes fully lit. (We recommend starting your coals when your steaks are sitting around 90°F)
    With your NY strip steaks at 115°F, remove them from the grill AS WELL AS your EasySpin Grate. Next, take some paper towel and dry off any moisture that might be on the outside of the steaks.  Once dry, brush on a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and apply a generous amount fresh cracked pepper to both sides of the steak. That’s all we are going to do for these NY Strips.  

    Dump in your fully lit briquettes into the Slow ’N Sear basket followed by your cooled off EasySpin Grate, then place your steaks directly over the hot coals.  We will be using the cold grate technique which means that we will be searing the steaks on each side twice for 1 minute each time, spinning the grate to a new cool section with each flip.  After you have seared your steaks on both sides twice, remove them from the heat and let them rest for 5-10 minutes to allow the meat to relax a bit before cutting into them and enjoying that perfectly cooked NY strip steak.
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