Juicy Grilled Chicken Breast Recipe


Grilled Chicken Breast is one of the most versatile things to cook on a BBQ, we all know how incredibly easy it is to dry out your chicken breasts. In this BBQ Chicken Recipe we will show you how to make Juicy Chicken Breasts on the grill every time! This juicy chicken breast recipe will teach you everything you need and show you how to cook chicken without drying it out! Take a look for yourself.

This recipe is brought to you by Michael from Everyday BBQ using our Slow 'N Sear® Deluxe Kettle Grill.



Always be sure to wash your hands before prepping any food recipe.
Unpackage chicken and remove any unwanted areas as well as fat.  Apply coarse kosher salt to all surfaces, top and bottom (approximately ½ teaspoon per pound of chicken if using COARSE KOSHER SALT or ¼ teaspoon per pound for table salt).  Place chicken on a wire rack on top of a tray or foil pan, then place into the fridge overnight for the dry salt brine to proceed.  You may brine 1-2 days in advance or just overnight like I did.  Once brine is complete, apply salt-free seasoning of your choice (I used a 50/50 combo of our Rocky’s Rub and Not Just For Beef Rub) generously and allow it to sit while you pre-heat your grill per the instructions below.


Set up your grill to cook 325-350°F. To achieve this, fill the Slow 'N Sear® with one half chimney worth of unlit coals, light the other half chimney of coals and pre-heat them. Once the lit coals are ready, pour them onto the unlit coals and spread them out evenly. Place lid on cooker and open both top and bottom vents fully. Once you get to 225-250°F, begin choking back both vents until you dial in your temperature. Click here for lighting instructions for the Slow ‘N Sear®

Once the grill is pre-heated and you have clean smoke (thin white/blue or clear), place chicken on the cookers indirect side, insert meat temperature probe into the deepest, coolest part of the breast. Put the lid on and begin cooking. You should also monitor cooker temps with a remote thermometer (such as the SnS-500). Check in on the chicken periodically but mostly try to keep the lid on to maintain temps and allow the cooker to run consistently. Once the chicken shows an internal temperature of 155-158°F, use a secondary instant read meat thermometer to verify in at least a couple different places. If confirmed, remove chicken from the cooker, wrap in foil and allow to rest for 5 minutes to raise the internal temperature to 160 and hold the juices in. 

Now carve and ENJOY!!!

Juicy Grilled Chicken Breasts Recipe | SnS Grills