How to Smoke Pork Belly on a Kettle Grill


When you’re looking for an easy Low N Slow cook Pork Belly is your answer! Pork Belly is a very versatile and flavorful cut of meat that everyone will enjoy! It works great for the beginner BBQ’er because it is a very forgiving cut of meat due to the typical 50/50 fat to meat ratio in this cut! Bonus is you can experiment with all kinds of different flavor profiles! In this recipe I am wanting are to slice up this Pork Belly for some sandwiches!


  • 1 Skinless Center Cut Of Pork Belly (typically is a little leaner)
  • Your Favorite Hot Sauce
  • Course Ground Black Pepper
  • Meathead’s Amazing Smoked Pork Seasoning & Dry Brine


To prepare your Pork Belly cover it with slather of hot sauce and then put on a nice even coat of Meathead’s Amazing Smoked Pork Seasoning & Dry Brine and don’t forget to season up the sides! Now let the Pork Belly sweat while you get your Slow N Sear® Kettle set up for the low n slow cook.  Click here to see how to set it up for low and slow cooking.


Cook the Pork Belly at 250°- 275° over the indirect side of the grill with the fat cap down. Check and rotate the Pork Belly every hour. Make sure that your rub is set first if you decide use a spritz. Once you have reached an internal temperature of 195°-200° pull and let the Pork Belly rest on some aluminum foil for about 10 minutes to stop the cooking process. Then wrap it up tight and let it rest another 30 minutes before slicing.